George Dryjohn is a professional photographer based in Heraklion, Crete, which offers a variety of services in the whole of Greece, including photographing weddings and christenings, architecture and advertising photography.

The style of the picture is unique as it combines the unposed photopraphy (spontaneous shooting), the documentary photography and the cinemography, to capture the memories of the wedding or baptism of your child in the form of photojournalism. The training also on the light and the body language of the help utilizes elaborate the element of light for the download of the right angle of the photo and capture alongside the images of those which will reflect exactly the emotions and relationships of the people.

George Dryjohn is obsessed with you to capture the beauty of life and is committed to providing customers with a memorable experience. Is a qualified photographer with empathy and social sense, which understands that the marriages and baptisms are special circumstances, in which the customers it is necessary to feel comfortable and relaxed.
It also promotes the naturalness and authenticity, which is reflected in taking pictures that reflect the true personality of his clients. When needed, of course, can interfere with a lot of ways to ensure the perfection of the final result.

Official Ricoh (Pentax) Grand Ambassador, Greece & Cyprus, at the same time, in the last few years working as a charity photographer in Greece and Europe and it's aim is the capture of the moment based on emotion.

He studied photography at the schools of Athens Art studio & in the Vision, he attended specialization courses in reputable photographers such as Θεολόγης Marios (commercial & portraits), Stylianos papardelas (street photography) , Billington Andrew (social photography), Basil Luke (people & arts), Kouris Maro (photojournalism) etc.

He is a graduate sq.Agriculture, with specialization in food safety with postgraduate qualifications in food Technology and in Business Administration / Marketing.

Film Productions

Production company: Eikon Films Germany ‘The hour of Pan’
Job : Still Photographer , assistant lighting
Location: Chania and the wider region of Sfakia

Photography Key Visual Photo, photos, communication, backstage. Staged shots of the production during filming, portraits of actors.

Seminar (web): A holistic approach to photography.
Organizer: IEK, Hostage. Rapporteur: Theologis Marios.
Seminar (web): The photo on investigative journalism and documentary. Organizer: IEK, Hostage. Rapporteur: Theologis Marios.
Workshop: Artistic photography. Location: Heraklion, Crete. Rapporteur: Royal Luke.
Workshop: Introduction to the artistic photography. Location: Archanes, Crete. Rapporteur: Royal Luke, Photographer.
Workshop: Still Life – Food &drink Commercial Photography. Organizer: Orama studies, Athens, greece. Rapporteur: Theologis Marios, Photographer.
Workshop: Photojournalism. Organizer: Orama studies, Athens, greece. Rapporteur: Kouris Maro, Photojournalist.
Workshop: Lightroom advanced. Location: Athens, Greece. Rapporteur: Λιόλης B, Graphic designer.
Workshop: Food and drink commercial photography - Still Life. Organizer: IFocus , Athens, Greece. Rapporteur: Delhas Constantine, Photographer.
Workshop: Lightroom advanced. Organizer: Ifocus , Athens, Greece. Rapporteur: Loukissis Mars, Photographer.

Story on a plate
Food & Photography workshop. (2 days)
Rapporteurs: Ξηρογιάννης C.
Organizer: World Academy IEK, Heraklion, Crete, greece.

Pentax Workshop
Rapporteurs: Cretan P. -Ξηρογιάννης George Official Ricoh Grand Ambassador Greece & Cyprus
Organizer: 8th PhotoNET special day, Athens Royal Olympic Hotel, under the auspices of the ΣΕΚΑΦ.

Pentax Workshop
Rapporteurs: Cretan P. -Ξηρογιάννης George Official Ricoh Grand Ambassador Greece & Cyprus
Organizer: E.F.E.K., Heraklion, Crete).

Food & Drink Commercial Photography level 1
Rapporteurs: Lyparakis M. Dryjohn G.
Organizer: The Black Book Hospitality Moderators, Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

(I)sland Collective photographic exhibition (Athens), with the participation of prominent photos from the homonymous National photography contest. Curated By Ifocus Photo Gallery
The Art of social media. Collective photographic exhibition (St. Mark's Basilica, in Heraklion), with the participation of 4 for distinguished photo from the homonymous World photography contest. Curated By Imonline
Photografistas II Collective photographic exhibition (Thessaloniki – Ioannina – Athens, greece etc.) Organizer: Π31.
Trust me I am a photographer Collective photographic exhibition (Athens) Curated by Ifocus Photo Gallery
Childhood moments Collective photographic exhibition (Volos, Tsalapatas) Curated by Makrides C.
Perspectives, Collective photographic exhibition, (Athens, Trii art Curated by Κασίμης P.
In Deed, Solo Photographic exhibition. Hacienda cafe Heraklion. Curated By Ξηρογιάννης George
The Sleepover (Instructor-Curated photographic exposure Program: Focus , Coordinator: Development of Heraklion, presentation projects street photography of young refugees . Vikelian library Heraklion)
The Life In the Hands of My Personal Photographic exhibition. Municipal Vikelian Library Heraklion. Curated By IFocus Athens
Support, Custody Pancretan anti-war collective photographic exhibition with the support of the Municipality of Heraklion. Loggia, Heraklion.
v What is summer for you. Collective photographic exhibition (Athens), with the participation of prominent photos from the homonymous National photography contest. Curated By Ifocus Photo Gallery

Award from the Ministry of health for the donation to the hospitals of Crete 30 board from the solo photography exhibition of Hands On.
Discrimination in the National Contest (I)sland with organizer the Ifocus into the world of photography
Third place in the World d/shmoo Pentax users (Pentaxians Yearbook 2020) and participation in the homonymous album.
Second place in the European d/shmoo photography in category: minimal art graphic abstract winter 2019. Organizer: Black and White Photography UK.
Second place in National contest of photography with the theme of mental health.
Organizer: Photometria.
Second place in the people's choice awards in the category of storytelling (the art of social media)
Distinction 4/5 holdings, the World Contest The art of Social Media with organizer the Ιmonline.
Show dance-theater HANDS ON based on the photo album, Organizer: NotForSale, Athens.
Photographic tribute. Magazine: Wedding & Baptism , issue: March 2020
Photo cover Pentaxians Ricoh Imaging yearbook 2019. Organizer: Ricoh Imaging.
The Thessaloniki in 45 pictures . Distinction street photography at the National photographic Project. Organizer: Athens Voice.

George Dryjohn Photographer, Official, Grand Ambassador Ricoh Imaging Greece & Cyprus Issue: The magical journey of photography. Organizer: KETHEA Location: Heraklion
George Dryjohn Photographer, Official, Grand Ambassador Ricoh Imaging Greece & Cyprus Issue: a Presentation of photographic work. Organizer: Hellenic Photographic society of Crete (ATO) Location: Heraklion
Photo & Psyche. World mental health day Theme: Presentation of portrait photography - speech with the theme photo & psyche Organizer: Home-Pananeio,
Shooting people-Helping-people-Theme: Photo & Volunteering -Presentation of a photographic project. A three-year Tour: Serbia-Belgrade, Refugee camp, ΕΦΕΧ (Greek Photographic society in Chania), Primary-Secondary-Higher Education, Prefecture of Heraklion, etc.

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"The Man behind the mask' Participation in the creation of the album.
Operator: KETHEA ARIADNE (Unit for people with psychiatric co-morbidity), Heraklion

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